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Burton Hunter Trials                      Hackthorn 23rd September

Burton Hathow                              Burton

Cleethorpes JFC Tournament          30th June/1st July

Grantham Prep Sports Day             Grantham 27th June

Scotter JFC Tournament                 Scotter 23rd June

Branton JFC Tournament                Hayfield School Auckley 16th/17th June

Lincoln Minster                               Lincoln 15th June

North Duffield JFC                          North Dufield 9th 10th June

Greenbank FC                                Nth Hykeham 3rd June

Welton Awards Saturday                 Welton 19th May

Snaith Tournament                         Snaith 19th May

Edlington White Stars Awards          Edlington 18th May

Welton Awards Sunday                    Welton 13th May

Edlington White Stars Awards           Edlington 11th May

NLD U15 Sevens Festival                  Ilkeston 6th May

NLD U15-U16 Finals                         Derby RUFC

NLD U13 Festival                              Worksop

Ilkeston Festival                               Ilkeston RUFC         8th April

Lincs School Champs                        Grantham Meres      28th January




Witham Hill Awards                           Lincoln                   16/17th December

Cassey's Judo Academy                     Lincoln                   30th November

Witham Hill Winter Training               Lincoln                    4th November

Keith Alexander Tournament              Lincoln                    29th-30th July

Hessle Sporting                                 Hessle                    8th-9th July

Costello JFC                                      Hull                        1st 2nd July

Goole Town Tigers                             Goole                      24th June

Lincoln Minster Pre Prep                     Lincoln                     23rd June

Burton Hathow                                  Burton                      21st June

Branton JFC                                       Auckley                    17th 18th July

Hykeham Tigers                                 Nth Hykeham            10th June

Lincoln Minster School                        Yarborough Sports      9th June

Greenbank Tournament                      Nth Hykeham             4th June

Elloughton Blackburn FC                     Brough                      3rd June

Edlington White Stars                         Edlington                   2nd June

Witham Gym                                      Lincoln                      27th 28th May

Snaith Juniors                                    Snaith                       20th May

NLD U15 7s                                        Lincoln RUFC             7th May

Lincs Girls Football League                   Rustons Lincoln         6th May

Horncastle Town FC                             Horncastle                29th 30th April 

U7 U8 U9 U10 Finals                            Greenbank NK          23rd April

NLD U14 Sevens                                  Chesterfield              9th April 

Grantham Prep Team Photos                 Grantham                 April

Sleaford RFC Festival                            Sleaford RUFC          2nd April

Ilkeston Festival                                   Ilkeston Rufc            26th March

Nth Lindum Hawks                               Ravendale                19th March

NLD U13 Festival                                  Ilkeston                   12th March

NLD U14 Finals                                     Sleaford                   5th March



Lincoln Sea Cadets Presntations             Lincoln                     16th December

Lindum Hawks Ravendale                       Lincoln                     6th November

Lindum Hawks Ravendale                       Lincoln                     30th October

Witham Hill Invitational                         Lincoln                      October               

U8s Sounds Alive Cup                             Ravendale Lincoln     9th October

Kesteven Rfu Junior Festival                    Grantham                2nd October

Burton Pony Club Hunter Trials                Hackthorn                25th September

U8s Sounds Alive Cup                             North Kesteven         18th September

Burton Pidsea Fun day                            Burton Pidsea           11th September

Notts Junior Cup                                    Nottingham               27th 28th August

Gilberdyke Phoenix JFC                          Gilberdyke                 6th August

Paul Leach Challenge Cup                       Grimsby                    31st July

Nottingham FC                                       Nottingham               23rd 24th July

Cleethorpes Town Jfc                              Cleethorpes               16th 17th July

Grantham Prep Team Photos                   Grantham                  Recent

Costello Jfc                                            Hull                           9th 10th July

Burton Hathow                                       Lincoln                      28th June/4th July

Louth Old Boys Jfc                                  Louth                        2nd 3rd July

Grantham Prep School                            Grantham                  29th June 1st July

Goole Town Tigers Jfc                             Goole                        25th 26th June

Lincoln Minster School                            Lincoln                      10th 24th June

North Duffield Dragons Jfc                      North Duffield            18th 19th June

Hykeham Tigers Jfc                                Lincoln                      11th 12th June

Witham Hill Gymnastics                          Lincoln                      4th 5th June

Goole Gym Display Day                          Goole                        4th June

Hessle Sporting JFC                                Hessle                      29th May

Edlington White Stars Awards                  Edlington                  27th May 3rd June

Snaith JFC                                              Snaith                      21st-22nd May

Lincoln RFC Awards                                 Lincoln                     20th May

Holme Rovers                                         Holme on Spalding    14/15th May 

Welton Fc Awards                                    Welton                    15th May

East Coast Juniors                                   Skegness                 6th May

Lincoln Sea Cadets                                  Lincoln                     2nd May

Horncastle Jfc                                         Horncastle                1st May

Keelby Utd Fc                                         Keelby                      30th April 

NLD U14 - U16 Finals Day                        Lincoln RUFC            24th April

NLD U13 - U15 Finals Day                        Ilkeston RUFC          17th April

Ilkeston Mini-Midi Festival                        Ilkeston RUFC           10th April

William Farr Yr 13 Reunion                       Welton                    23rd March

Lindum Hawks/Ravendale                        Ravendale Lincoln     20th March

Lincs School Gym Championships             QEGS Horncastle      31st January

Lindum Hawks U10 Utd                           Ravendale Lincoln     24th January


Lincoln Sea Cadets                                  Lincoln                    11th December

Wellington Athletics                                 Pywipe Lincoln         21st November

Goole Open Teamgym                             Goole Gymnastics     22th November

Lindum Hawks Ravendale                        Ravendale Lincoln     8th November

Lindum Hawks Ravendale                        Ravendale Lincoln      1st November

Witham Gym Club                                   Lincoln                     24th 25th October

Lindum Hawks Ravendale                        Ravendale Lincoln      18th October

Kesteven Junior Festival                          Grantham                 11th October

Sleaford RFC                                          Sleaford                    4th October

Burton Hunter Trials                                Hackthorn                27th September

Notts Junior Cup                                     Nottingham Academy 29/30th August

Lincoln RFC                                            Nettleham                 9th August

Gilberdyke Phoenix JFC                           Gilberdyke                 8th August

North Somercotes JFC                             Nth Somercotes         19th July

Cleethorpes JFC                                      Grimsby                    11th/12th July

Louth Old Boys                                        Louth                        4th/5th July

Goole Town Tigers                                   Goole                        27th/28th June

Crofton Juniors AFC                                 Crofton                      20th/21st June

Lindum Hawks Awards                             Lindum Sports            19th June

North Duffield Dragons                            Noth Duffield              13th/14th June

Welton Awards Night                               Welton                       6th June

Hykeham Tigers                                      North Hykeham          6th/7th June 

Edlington White Stars                              Edlington                   5th June

Hessle Sporting JFC                                 Hessle                       30th/31st May

Edlington White Stars Awards                   Edlington                   29th May 

Snaith JFC                                              Snaith                        17th May

Snaith JFC                                              Snaith                        16th May

Greenbank JFC                                        North Hykeham           10th May

Horncastle Town JFC Sunday                    Horncastle                  3rd May 

Horncastle Town JFC Saturday                  Horncastle                  2nd May

Hykeham Tigers Awards Night                   Lincoln Drill Hall          29th April

NLD U13 U15 U17 Finals                           Southwell                    26th April

NLD U14 U16 Finals                                  Market Rasen              19th April

Ilkeston Festival                                       lkeston RUFC              12th April

Fat Cat Motocross                                     Armthorpe                   4th April

NLD U14 7s Rugby                                    Lincoln RUFC                29th March

Lincs Inter Schools Rugby U18s                 Sleaford RUFC              25th March

NLD U12 Finals                                         Notts Corsairs RUFC     22nd March

Lincs Inter School Rugby U15s                   Sleaford RUFC              17th March

NLD U13 Sevens                                       Southwell RUFC            15th March

Lincs Inter School Rugby U13s U14s           Market Rasen RUFC       12th March

NLD U13 U15 Semi's                                 Chesterfield RUFC          8th March

Lincs Inter School Rugby Yr 7s                   Lincoln RUFC                 6th March


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